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PURE NEWS USA Columnists


Rev. Woodrow Walker -- Columnist for "Abundant Lifestyle"
No matter what your religious background, you'll enjoy Walker's spiritual message for the month. Rev. Woodrow Walker is pastor of Abundant Life in Decatur, Georgia. Rev. Walker's biblically-based messages can be used by all Americans as a guide to righteous and Godly living. Truly, God is using Rev. Walker as an instrument to bring us a spiritual message each month.

Ralph A. Mason -- Columnist for "As I See And Saw It"
Our readers find themselves coming back month after month for that special message which speaks to them as sisters and brothers. Poet Ralph Mason's message often comes through as an editorial in grace and rhyme. Complimentary letters to the editor are frequently received for our poem of the month.




Joyce Kelly--Columnist for "Contemporary Issues"
Award-winning journalist and author Joyce Kelly writes about national contemporary issues for PURE NEWS USA. She has written about education, health, politics, relationships and family among others issues, particularly as they pertain to African Americans. In her February 2005 article titled "Ku Klux Kaeda," Kelly addresses the issue of the Ku Klux Klan being allowed to hand out literature at the University of Louisville. Kelly cites a U of L professor who believes the formidable Klan should be treated with the same contempt and harshness as al Qaeda. Whether her column is hard-hitting or humorous, Kelly aims to raise the level of consciousness about our community.





William Reed -- Columnist for "Business Exchange"
The Business Exchange Column is a business and management oriented newspaper commentary that focuses on illustrating ways African Americans can empower themselves in America's representative government and capitalist economy systems.


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