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PURE NEWS USA Columnists

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T.C. Christian, Jr. -- Publisher & CEO
The purpose of PURE NEWS USA is to fill the void left untapped by magazines and other media by providing a free monthly newspaper which is of high quality, informative, newsworthy, and entertaining. Quite frankly, our mission is to target the vast diverse market of readers and consumers who would welcome a free national newspaper. PURE NEWS USA is available at churches, colleges, government offices, restaurants, retail stores, airports, and the list goes on. We're "free" to go wherever the consumer goes.

Beverly Christian -- Editor-In-Chief
Empowered by 21st century technology and a desire to speak to the world, the timing for simultaneously launching   
PURE NEWS USA and our Web site couldn't be better. Our Web site will be available for net-surfers, however,
PURE NEWS USA will be available for both net-surfers and non-surfers. That means we will be accessible to the low, middle and high consumer customers. And what's really exciting about this venture is that a lot of our national content will come rolling down the Information Super Highway.

Teddy Christian III-- Columnist for "Twin Issues"
I enjoy writing for PURE NEWS USA because when I write a good informative article I'm proud that I've informed someone about my opinion in current and important issues. I'm honored to be a part of a newspaper that has such a great effect on the community. I believe anybody that looks inside of
PURE NEWS USA will find something useful to them.

Cal-Cal Christian III-- Columnist for "Twin Issues"
Designing the website for PURE NEWS USA has been a lengthy but fun  experience. I know people are going to take advantage of every feature on this website. We can now say that PURE NEWS USA is worldwide. PURE NEWS USA will be competing with the big dogs now in trying to get the real truth out to the world and by staying ahead in the technology field. It is also an honor writing for PURE NEWS USA which also helps me with my grammar at school.

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